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  • Conducts BER testing to speed certify Ethernet data transmission speed up to 1000Base-T (1 Gbps)
  • Measures SNR and skew to uncover impairments to electrical Ethernet data transmission
  • Tests for opens, shorts, split pairs, miswires, and reversals and measures distance to opens and shorts—supports all copper network, telco, and coax cables
  • Performs PoE load test to ensure maximum power is available from PoE source
  • Performs port discovery to detect advertised Ethernet speed and displays capabilities of network devices
  • Pings network devices to verify connectivity to active equipment
  • Includes Plan-Um® software to create network layout; document cable tests; show network topology; and record moves, adds, and changes


  • 1 x afstandsmodule
  • 1 set 1-8 afstandsadapters voor bedradingsplan (RJ11/RJ45) (TP612)
  • 2 x lithium-ion herlaadbare batterijen (NT93)
  • 2 x universele AC-adapters/laders
  • 1 x verbindingskabel 1.83m USB klant naar PC (serie A plug naar serie B plug)
  • 2 x 19cm kabel RJ12/RJ12 voor feilloze verbinding met RJ11 of RJ45- connectors
  • 2 x 30.48cm patchkabel met RJ45-connectors
  • 2 x 60.96cm snoeren met RJ45 en 8 krokodillenkemmen
  • 2 x tussenkabel voor modulaire plug RJ45
  • 1 x F/F-adapter
  • USB-drive inclusief Plan-Um® bedradings- en planningsoftware, handleiding en ValidatorPRO-firmware
  • Draagtas
  • 100 kabelcertificatielabels
  • 12V sigarettenaansteker